casey vassallo is a freelance writer, among other things.
articulating your story is her jam.

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How Bad Is It to Take a Quick-Fix Anxiety Pill?

When online health company Hers suggested taking their anxiety pill for a first date, Instagram got mad. But just how bad is it to take one?

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Who Told You You Were Good: Duncan Welgemoed

Duncan Welgemoed is a force to be reckoned with. Considered one of Australia’s best (adopted) cooking talents, the South African-born chef has had a far-from-typical career trajectory.

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Sleep Walking

If you are yet to slip into PJs fashionable enough to wear beyond the bedroom, Casey Vassallo shares why now is the time to embrace sleepwear designed with more than its age-old function in mind.

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image by  @kelly_geddes

image by @kelly_geddes